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With 9 essential innovation mantras on creativity and innovation to choose from, these cards and posters are excellent for motivating your team at work, and make a perfect way for managers to send personalized notes of appreciation to team members.

Designs available:

  • ● Lesson 1: Grow Knowledge
  • ● Lesson 2: Be Persistent
  • ● Lesson 3: Trust Yourself
  • ● Lesson 4: Stay Calm
  • ● Lesson 5: Take Risks
  • ● Lesson 6: Minimize Negativity
  • ● Lesson 7: Unplug Your Devices
  • ● Lesson 8: Tap into Strengths
  • ● Lesson 9: Promote Diversity of Thought

Each design has a beautiful picture along with a lesson from nature which can help people motivate themselves, unleash their creativity and feed the innovative instincts that lie within.

For inquiries or placing orders, please contact us here

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