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Unleashing Innovation for Enterprise Growth


"As a manager of both experienced professionals and new employees, I see practical applications with the nine lessons. The concept of growth in nature having parallels with creativity and innovation is easy to grasp"

- Brian Spangler
Vice President - Field Sales, Maybelline

In your drive for growth, you’re not alone if you’ve been searching for answers to questions like these:
  • How can I sustain enterprise growth in today’s highly competitive global economy?
  • How do I enhance my chances for Promotion?
  • How do I add the most value now that I’ve moved into management?
Drawing on his 22 years at FedEx and the past 10 years consulting with leaders around the world, Madan Birla provides proven and practical answers to those questions. Unleashing Creativity and Innovation aims to help readers unleash their natural creative potential and generate creative ideas, shedding light on communication skills which ensure acceptance of one’s ideas. The book also expounds leadership skills for engaging teams in developing and successfuly implementing creative ideas, and shares secrets that guarantee professional growth and recognition.
Fed Ex


"A great read! FedEx has been at the forefront of innovation for the past quarter century and this book accurately captures the essence of how Fred Smith and the FedEx team made it all happen."

- Ken May
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
FedEx Kinko’s

Fedex Delivers reveals the secrets of innovation from one of the world’s most dominant, successful, and innovative companies. After spending more than two decades at FedEx
  • Decades during which the company vaulted ahead of its competitors at an astounding rate
  • Madan Birla knows what it takes to innovate.
Using his own long experience and first-hand accounts from top leaders at FedEx, Birla explais the leadership practices and support systems that put the company ahead of the pack.
Enjoy Balance and
Unleash Creativity

Five Steps to a Happier, Healthier and Successful Life

“Madan’s book on how to build balance in one’s life is an eye opener. His insightful, practical and straight from the heart views make this book an easy read and would be a valuable resource for anyone seeking mindfulness in their daily life. I strongly recommend this book.”

-Vineet Agarwal,‎
Managing Director, Transport Corporation of India Limited

This is a very important book in these turbulent times as our future is dependent on how we find balance and unleash creativity- Madan shines a bright light on the challenges and offers a proven process and revealing discussions/reflections to help readers develop their personal action plan that will enable them to achieve that elusive balance and be creative.

- Prashant Ranade, ‎
Executive Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Syntel

In today’s fast-paced life, it is very easy to drift into an unbalanced lifestyle, not realizing until too late that it’s not the kind of life we wanted at all. Our growth as human beings is stifled, and relationships suffer when our lifestyle becomes unbalanced. Our vitality and inner energy stops renewing itself, and we feel restless and tired.
  • Do your work demands leave no time and energy for a fulfilling personal life?
  • Are you interested in positioning yourself for your next promotion?
  • Do you often feel stressed out and concerned that life is flying by too fast?
Authored by successful business executive Madan Birla, creator of the ‘Enjoying a Balanced Life’ Seminar, with assistance from psychologist Dr. Cecilia Miller Marshall, Enjoy Balance and Unleash Creativityleads you through a proven five-step process to a balanced lifestyle, celebrating life in its fullness.
This process is based on the principle that life is learnt from the past, planned for the future and lived in the present. It helps you focus on the internal and external root causes of life imbalances, versus the human tendency of dealing with “on the surface” causes. The book offers 40 practical ideas to choose from, for developing your personal Balanced Life action plan.
This book was released in India by Vishwakarma Publications and is currently available on amazon, India only.

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